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Our aim at U2Clouds is to maintain our reputation and offer as much value as possible by always going the extra mile. We have the highest quality cloud server hosting solution available for all our valued users!

About U2Clouds

U2Clouds was created for serving our growing database of clients and to give them the complete online hosting solution for their business website and online needs.

With much research and 17 years of experience managing servers we now have the most up to date cloud hosting server technology available. Since our project started it has become extremely popular and continues to grow on a daily basis, so we want to be able to share it with everyone who wishes to join us and benefit from the many features we have included!

The resources required for maintaining websites today online have only one simple option "Cloud Server Digital Technology". This option gives users the flexibility to do whatever is needed on the internet including such as building a responsive website, analytics, maintenance, security and all the way through to mobile app development.

One of the main concepts of cloud hosting is the way it greatly reduces downtime making it more manageable than any physical hard server. Another advantage is the security aspects making it possible to offer free SSL to your website. Using the internet on a cloud server is a much safer place than it has ever been in the past!

As digital technology advances at its extremely rapid rate we all need to stay focussed and up to date with the trends moving forward. Here at U2Clouds this is something we take extremely seriously. We constantly keep our ears close to the ground and are able to immediately implement updates when and where they are needed.

We want our users to feel totally secure using u2clouds services with customer satisfaction just one of our main priorities.
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We offer a 24/7 chat support ticket system with technicians monitoring the server software constantly, so should there be an issues were on top of it before it gains any momentum! Generally we guarantee to reply to each ticket within the hour or if you need immediate support you can call us on +44 20 8373 0055 or use the chat button on any page you visit in the bottom right hand corner.

Our servers and data centres are London, UK based.

Digital Servers!

Switch to a Cloud Server and Make your World a Safer Place!

The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

The Future is Cloud Hosting!

Cloud hosting has come a very long way in such a small amount of time. The ones taking advantage mostly up until now are the corporates, such as banks, Google, Amazon and Facebook. The reasoning for this is simple; they have the access to advance dedicated minds needed to programme cloud server technology.

For smaller SMS businesses it was just a matter of time as the average programmer had a digital learning curve to master maintaining cloud servers. This solution was to be a whole new ball game in a digital world of website and server development.

Now, the time has arrived where switching to a cloud server is extremely easy and affordable to everyone including you!

For as little as £2.97 a month you can get set up on our cloud servers with u2clouds, in fact we will give you the first month absolutely free, so come on-board and try us out today!

We expect more businesses making the switch and taking advantage of our free website development option! We have also included mobile app development and design implication with our “CLOUD ULTIMATE” package, so make sure to check that out, as you won’t find that anywhere else! With all these options included you shouldn’t need to continue your search as we have covered all your hosting online needs all under one roof and all at extremely competitive prices!

Cloud servers are easily scalable today which means you will never outgrow yourself as it's possible to upgrade at any time. If you want to get regular updates you can subscribe here and stay informed with all our special promotional offers!

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U2Clouds Servers

All of our cloud server hosting solutions at u2clouds are designed and managed to help your business grow from the start which includes Mobile App development. We offer a dedicated account management system as standard on all our services so there is always a helping hand.

We're exceptionally proud of customer feedback as well as the services we provide. Our aim is to offer complete cloud website hosting with the value and satisfaction you deserve from the start!

U2Clouds use high-quality SSD storage disks and state of the art processors to give you the best possible server and hosting experience. Our platform offers 99.95% guarantee uptime.

Please feel free to get in touch with us either by using the contact us form here or emailing us directly; For an immediate response please use the chat button in the bottom right hand corner on every page where we are waiting to assist.

Cloud server hosting solutions at u2clouds are designed and there to help your business grow from the start, that's why we have included a website development option as well.

All website designs come with dedicated account management as standard so backup is readily available when needed! In fact some of our Cloud Hosting plans come with a free website included, so be sure not to miss out on that option!

We're exceptionally proud of customer feedback and as well as the service we provide so take a look at some of our reviews. Our aim is to offer complete value and satisfaction from the off!

We think it’s well worth noting even though our cloud server technology is optimised for performance, it’s important to choose a package with enough resources to meet your application needs or just upgrade at any time.
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